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May 9, 2024
Koss Corporation Releases Third Quarter Results

MILWAUKEE, Wis., May 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koss Corporation (NASDAQ: KOSS) (the “Company”), a U.S. based high-fidelity headphone company, has reported its results for the third quarter ended March 31, 2024.

Net sales for the three months ended March 31, 2024 were $2,637,606, which is a decline of $743,234, or 22.0%, compared to $3,380,840 for the same period in the prior year. The net loss for the third quarter ended March 31, 2024 was $313,780 compared to a net loss of $224,480 for the same three-month period in the prior year. Basic and diluted loss per common share for the quarter was $0.03 compared to basic and diluted loss per common share of $0.02 for the comparable three-month period one year ago.

For the nine months ended March 31, 2024, net sales of $9,371,668 were down $654,634, or 6.5%, versus sales of $10,026,302 for the nine months ended March 31, 2023. The nine-month net loss was $840,542 compared to net income of $8,579,052 for the same period last year. Basic and diluted net loss per common share was $0.09 for the nine months ended March 31, 2024. This compared to basic and diluted income per common share of $0.93 and $0.88, respectively, for the same nine-month period in the prior year.

“A downturn in sales in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space of nearly 30%, which appears to be a result of a slowdown in consumer spending amid high inflation, energy and borrowing costs, drove the overall decline in sales for the first nine months of the fiscal year,” Michael J. Koss, Chairman and CEO, said today. “We also saw a decline in year-to-date sales from one of our largest European distributors, however, restocking and new customer orders in Eastern Europe helped to partially offset that decline. Other sales favorability included a notable sale to a new Koss customer during the year-to-date period as well as continued improvement in sales to e-tailers.”

“The lower volume of higher margin DTC sales, combined with the unfavorable impact of selling through inventory brought in from suppliers at inflated freight rates during prior periods, were the main contributing factors to the decline in gross margins year over year,” Koss continued. “Continued declines in consumer confidence, rising prices, and geo-political turmoil in Eastern Europe and the Middle East may continue to impact our sales and lead to supply chain disruptions.”

About Koss Corporation

Koss Corporation markets a complete line of high-fidelity headphones, wireless Bluetooth® speakers, computer headsets, telecommunications headsets, active noise canceling headphones, and wireless headphones.

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  Three Months Ended   Nine Months Ended
  March 31   March 31
  2024   2023   2024   2023
Net sales $ 2,637,606     $ 3,380,840     $ 9,371,668     $ 10,026,302  
Cost of goods sold   1,796,083       2,076,482       6,354,015       6,390,557  
Gross profit   841,523       1,304,358       3,017,653       3,635,745  
Selling, general and administrative expenses   1,451,247       1,749,341       4,572,049       27,907,247  
(Loss) from operations   (609,724 )     (444,983 )     (1,554,396 )     (24,271,502 )
Other income                     33,000,000  
Interest income   214,814       189,593       636,482       314,482  
(Loss) income before income tax provision (benefit)   (394,910 )     (255,390 )     (917,914 )     9,042,980  
Income tax provision (benefit)   (81,130 )     (30,910 )     (77,372 )     463,928  
Net (loss) income $ (313,780 )   $ (224,480 )   $ (840,542 )   $ 8,579,052  
(Loss) income per common share:                      
Basic $ (0.03 )   $ (0.02 )   $ (0.09 )   $ 0.93  
Diluted $ (0.03 )   $ (0.02 )   $ (0.09 )   $ 0.88  
Weighted-average number of shares:                      
Basic   9,254,795       9,206,135       9,243,559       9,183,042  
Diluted   9,254,795       9,206,135       9,243,559       9,791,627  

CONTACT: Michael J. Koss
  Chairman & CEO
  (414) 964-5000

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