Dear Stockholders,

Fiscal year 1995 marked the second largest sales year in Koss Corporation's
history.  While not a record breaking sales year like 1994, we are pleased by
the technological breakthroughs and product advancements we have made over the
course of 1995.

Sales for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1995 were $33,432,344 compared to
$35,561,322 in 1994.  Net income for the year was $2,087,994 compared to
$2,800,855 one year ago.  Earnings per share were $0.58 in 1995 compared to
$0.75 in fiscal year 1994.

We suffered a set back in our computer speaker business which was partially
covered by growth in our stereophone base business.  The growth, however, was
not enough to cover the total decline in speaker sales.  Adding to this sales
decline, dealer returns for repair and credit also created a significant impact
on our sales and profit figures for this year.  Information gathered from other
sources indicate that this propensity for credit returns was widespread
throughout the retail industry and not limited to Koss.

In fiscal year 1995, the Canadian subsidiary contributed a loss of
approximately $600,000.  The Canadian warehouse has been sublet and, since May,
all products for the Canadian market have been shipping from the U.S. warehouse
directly to dealers in Canada.  Our move to transform the Canadian subsidiary
from a warehousing unit into a sales-only operation was extremely delicate.  We
began this move two years ago as we took our first steps to ship Canadian
customers directly. We are now satisfied that this reconfiguration will make a
contribution to the company's profitability in fiscal year 1996 and beyond.

Koss received news late this year that a test lab report for the Federal
Communication Commission (FCC) had been successful for Koss' JR/750 and JR/900
wireless, radio frequency stereophone systems.  We have decided to hold off on
production of the JR/750 and concentrate our full efforts on bringing the
JR/900 to market during the coming year.

The JR/900 cordless stereophone utilizes a 900 megahertz transmission system to
beam a stereo signal throughout the entire household.  Unlike budget models
currently available, the JR/900 will offer the listener the ability to access
five different channels for high quality, interference-free listening.  Market
feedback indicates a consumer desire for a wireless, radio frequency
stereophone that delivers on the promise of high fidelity sound reproduction.
We are convinced that the JR/900 is a notable improvement over current market
offerings and will be the stereophone to deliver on that promise.

The JR/900 is not slated to impact sales until after the holiday season,
however the unit will give Koss Corporation access to a host of RF
applications.  We believe these potential applications, as well as new
communications technologies, will be key to the company's long term growth and
continued position as a stereophone market leader -- always Koss' primary

We would like to extend our gratitude to our customers, suppliers,
stockholders, and the whole Koss team for their hard work and dedication to
creating the current and future success of Koss Corporation.


John C. Koss                               Michael J. Koss
Chairman of the Board                      President & C.E.O.


Year Ended June 30 1995 1994 1993 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Net sales $33,432,344 $35,561,322 $32,137,448 Cost of goods sold 22,810,037 23,686,971 20,786,120 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gross profit 10,622,307 11,874,351 11,351,328 Selling, general and administrative expense 8,376,204 8,191,504 7,177,946 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Income from operations 2,246,103 3,682,847 4,173,382 Other income (expense) Interest income 98,090 56,461 44,083 Interest expense (317,922) (246,911) (312,501) Royalty income 1,412,723 1,108,458 610,795 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Income before income taxes 3,438,994 4,600,855 4,515,759 Provision for income taxes 1,351,000 1,800,000 1,725,000 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Net income $2,087,994 $2,800,855 $2,790,759 ======================================================================================== Number of common and common equivalent shares used in computing earnings per share 3,631,364 3,751,514 3,392,713 ======================================================================================== Earnings per common and common equivalent share: $.58 $.75 $.82 ========================================================================================
As of June 30 1995 1994 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASSETS Current Assets: Cash $ 49,227 $ 37,355 Accounts receivable, less allowances of $289,217 and $229,230 respectively 7,242,862 7,396,902 Inventories 9,395,915 7,837,319 Prepaid expenses 676,874 544,353 Income taxes receivable 376,147 426,236 Prepaid income taxes 378,946 268,486 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total current assets 18,119,971 16,510,651 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment and Leasehold improvements, at cost: Leasehold improvements 585,952 575,397 Machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures 4,299,822 4,229,162 Tools, dies, molds and patterns 7,309,609 6,600,289 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12,195,383 11,404,848 Less--accumulated depreciation 9,911,989 9,236,513 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2,283,394 2,168,335 Intangible and Other Assets 569,558 541,420 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $20,972,923 $ 19,220,406 ================================================================================== LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' INVESTMENT Current Liabilities: Accounts payable $ 1,726,711 $ 1,266,553 Accrued liabilities 948,626 734,076 Current maturities of long-term debt -- 12,376 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total current liabilities 2,675,337 2,013,005 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long-Term Debt 570,000 2,068,741 Deferred Income Taxes 6,862 87,202 Deferred Compensation and Other Liabilities 907,264 902,830 Contigently Redeemable Common Stock 1,490,000 1,490,000 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stockholders' Investment: Common stock, $.01 par value, authorized 8,500,000 shares; issued and outstanding 3,486,080 and 3,231,080 shares, respectively 34,861 32,311 Paid in capital 3,318,465 2,760,905 Cumulative translation adjustment (65,116) (81,844) Contingently redeemable equity interest, net (1,490,000) (1,490,000) Retained earnings 13,525,250 11,437,256 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total stockholders' investment 15,323,460 14,148,628 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $20,972,923 $ 19,220,406 ==================================================================================
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